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Q&A: Former Apple exec Andy Miller on Steve Jobs, becoming a VC, and owning a minor-league baseball team

Oct. 10, ‘11: Andy Miller left Apple this past summer to become a General Partner at Highland Capital Partners, a venture capital firm. At Apple, he was the company’s VP of Advertising, reporting directly to Steve Jobs. (Apple bought his mobile advertising company, Quattro Wireless, almost … Continue reading →

Passing the torch

Oct. 6, ‘11: The focus is off on this photo — shot at Steve Jobs’ last Apple keynote, this past June at WWDC — but I love the expression on Steve’s face as he takes back the slide clicker from Scott Forstall for … Continue reading →

The other Steve Jobs biography: “Return to the Little Kingdom”

Oct. 6, ‘11: Steve Jobs’ official biography, by former Time magazine editor Walter Isaacson, will now be released on Oct. 24, about a month earlier than anticipated. Since news of Jobs’ death yesterday, its pre-sales have soared 40,000% on Amazon, and it’s currently … Continue reading →

Steve Jobs’ greatest performance

Oct. 5, ‘11: Many will point to Steve’s 2005 Stanford commencement speech as his greatest ever. I won’t argue with that. But his greatest presentation on Apple’s behalf was in January, 2007, when he unveiled the iPhone for the first time. It highlights everything that … Continue reading →

Steve Jobs: 1955-2011

Oct. 5, ‘11: I’m happy that I got to see Steve speak in person once, this past June at WWDC. This is a photo I took that day.

The new Apple: The best gadgets, but also the best prices

Sep. 6, ‘11: This isn’t a brand-new phenomenon, but it’s worth repeating and re-emphasizing: What makes Apple so successful today — and so threatening to its competitors — isn’t just its design and engineering capabilities. It’s the fact that Apple is beating its … Continue reading →

Apple: The next chapter

Aug. 29, ‘11: Tim Cook’s promotion to CEO comes at an interesting time for Apple. First, the company continues to refocus itself around iOS, its platform for the future. And second, it continues to grow at an amazing pace. These two factors create … Continue reading →

Is Tim Cook mean enough?

Aug. 26, ‘11: Good point by the WSJ: Steve Jobs has gotten a lot done by being Steve Jobs. He can tell people they’re stupid, and they’ll agree and probably even give him what he wants, because he’s Steve Jobs. Tim Cook can’t … Continue reading →

The amazing Steve Jobs effect: Apple’s performance before and after Steve’s comeback

Aug. 25, ‘11: It goes without saying that Steve Jobs’ effect on Apple was profound. You don’t call a guy the best corporate leader in history for nothing. But just how dramatically did Steve turn Apple around in the 14 years after Gil … Continue reading →

Refreshing Apple’s org chart

Aug. 25, ‘11: Apple updated its leadership page overnight, reflecting Steve Jobs’ new role as chairman and Tim Cook’s elevation to CEO. The first thing that you notice is that Steve Jobs is no longer in the upper-left corner of the chart. Nor is … Continue reading →