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Icon ambulance

Aug. 25, ‘11: Great story by Google exec Vic Gundotra about a call he got from Steve Jobs on a Sunday about how the yellow “o” in the Google logo didn’t look quite right in a specific setting and needed to be fixed. … Continue reading →

The only question about Tim Cook: Will he be as good as Steve at saying “no”?

Aug. 24, ‘11: As CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs did many things very well, but the best was his ability to say “no” when defining Apple’s products and vision. For example: The way he said “no” to a floppy drive for the iMac, … Continue reading →

Weirdly, Apple’s future is now less uncertain

Aug. 24, ‘11: Good point by Twitter persona Sammy the Walrus IV: However weird it may sound, Jobs’ resignation removes some “unknown” from $AAPL It’s true. Everyone has expected this to happen someday, but now we know it is today. The Apple story … Continue reading →

“Jobs’s greatest creation isn’t any Apple product. It is Apple itself.”

Aug. 24, ‘11: You will have the opportunity to read thousands of articles about Steve Jobs’ resignation as CEO of Apple — what it means, what’s next, etc. But read this one first, by John Gruber. He nails what makes Apple Apple, and … Continue reading →

Blame Steve Jobs — not Andy Miller — for Apple’s iAd failure

Aug. 17, ‘11: Apple’s iAd boss Andy Miller is leaving the company for a venture capital firm, Kara Swisher reports for All Things D. This sounds like a good move for Miller. While Apple’s iAd made a big splash, and was technically impressive, … Continue reading →

Apple’s board is planning for the post-Steve Jobs era

Jul. 19, ‘11: The WSJ’s Yukari Iwatani Kane, Joann Lublin, and Nick Wingfield¬†report: Since Steve Jobs went on medical leave this winter, some members of Apple Inc.’s board have discussed CEO succession with executive recruiters and at least one head of a high-profile … Continue reading →