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Will the tablet market really grow bigger than the PC market?

Oct. 19, ‘11: Apple CEO Tim Cook made an interesting prediction yesterday on the company’s earnings call: That the tablet market will eventually be larger than the PC market. Here’s what Tim said, via Seeking Alpha’s transcript: We thought… from the beginning of … Continue reading →

iPad’s dominance of tablet usage, even 1.5 years later, is astounding

Oct. 11, ‘11: How many dozens of Android tablets have been announced? Plus the BlackBerry PlayBook and HP’s TouchPad? And yet, among tablets, Apple’s iPad represented 97.2% of U.S. tablet web traffic in August, according to comScore. That is incredible dominance, given that … Continue reading →

Why the Kindle Fire is actually good for Google

Sep. 30, ‘11: One of the prevailing opinions about Amazon’s new Kindle Fire tablet is that it’s bad for Google. That is primarily because it’s taking some control of Android away from Google, further fragmenting the Android platform, and will probably do better … Continue reading →

10 things Apple must do in response to the Kindle Fire

Sep. 30, ‘11: Keep making the iPad awesome That’s about it, seriously. Sure, there may be some price tweaks someday, but that’s always been on the table. And if people decide they love 7-inch tablets more than 10-inch tablets, maybe someday Apple will … Continue reading →

Kindle Fire shoots to Amazon’s no. 1 best-selling gadget

Sep. 29, ‘11: No surprise, but Amazon’s new Kindle Fire tablet — available for pre-order — is already the company’s best-selling electronics gadget. The new $79 Kindle is no. 2, and various Kindle models actually make up the top 12 gadgets on Amazon … Continue reading →

Kindle Fire: No big threat to the iPad, but should sell well

Sep. 28, ‘11: Amazon’s Kindle Fire is what everyone expected: A small tablet, mostly for consuming media, watching video, playing games, reading Kindle e-books, browsing the web, and goofing around in apps. It is also cheaper than expected, at $199 — less than … Continue reading →

Microsoft needs a new business model for Windows 8 tablets

Sep. 21, ‘11: Microsoft’s Windows division is still a monster: Over the past year, it has generated $12 billion of operating income on $19 billion of revenue. A big part of that is because of Microsoft’s continued dominance of the PC operating system … Continue reading →

RIM shipped just 200,000 PlayBook tablets last quarter, lower prices coming

Sep. 15, ‘11: And that’s shipments — no word on actual sales to users. That’s considered way below expectations, but I don’t know why the expectations were so high to begin with. It was obvious that the PlayBook was a dog. (Yet this is the … Continue reading →

Sony designs a tablet for entertainment content… without any entertainment content

Sep. 14, ‘11: Walt Mossberg, reviewing Sony’s new Tablet S: Unlike Apple, which takes a broader view of the tablet’s potential, Sony sees its tablet as primarily an entertainment-consumption device. But: Sony also is bundling services for buying music, TV shows and movies, … Continue reading →

Huge difference between Apple and Microsoft: How they introduce new products

Sep. 14, ‘11: Microsoft showed off more of Windows 8 today — specifically, a very early version of its tablet interface, running on developer hardware. (The real thing won’t ship for a year or so.) It’s a good example of how differently Microsoft … Continue reading →