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Philly’s Android tablet newspaper: “Arnova 10 G2″ starts at $285

Sep. 12, ‘11: The Philadelphia newspaper Android tablet is launching at $285 including a 1-year digital subscription: $129 upfront, plus $13 per month for the papers. (There’s also a 2-year package available for $99 upfront, plus $10 per month, a total price of … Continue reading →

Could HP keep the $99 TouchPad alive with a mobile ad business? (No.)

Sep. 12, ‘11: HP sold out of its $99 TouchPad tablets, and it’s even making some more before stopping for good. But could a new business model help HP keep making the TouchPad forever? One reader — affiliated with a mobile ad network … Continue reading →

500 days with the iPad

Sep. 12, ‘11: It has now been 500 days since my iPad 3G arrived at the end of April, 2010. So, as I did after 100 days — when it was my “favorite” computer — and after 300 days — when I barely … Continue reading →

The new Apple: The best gadgets, but also the best prices

Sep. 6, ‘11: This isn’t a brand-new phenomenon, but it’s worth repeating and re-emphasizing: What makes Apple so successful today — and so threatening to its competitors — isn’t just its design and engineering capabilities. It’s the fact that Apple is beating its … Continue reading →

Has Amazon made the 7-inch tablet that people actually want to buy?

Sep. 2, ‘11: TechCrunch’s MG Siegler got his hands on an early version of Amazon’s Kindle tablet and says it looks like a BlackBerry PlayBook: 7 inches, color touchscreen, no e-ink. It’s $250, runs Android but no official Google services, and apps from Amazon’s … Continue reading →

There’s no way Amazon is going to sell 5 million tablets in Q4

Aug. 29, ‘11: Forrester Research senior analyst Sarah Rotman Epps: Even though Amazon taking on Apple is a bit like David taking on Goliath (compare the market cap, profits, and cash position of the two companies), Amazon’s willingness to sell hardware at a loss … Continue reading →

While I was out buying hurricane supplies…

Aug. 26, ‘11: Apple pulled the plug on iTunes TV show rentals. Apple says it’s because people overwhelmingly preferred buying the shows when both options were available. Perhaps that’s true. But it’s not like the studios made that many shows available for rental … Continue reading →

Tampa Bay Bucs buy each player an iPad for playbook and videos

Aug. 25, ‘11: The St. Petersburg Times’ Rick Stroud reports another cool use of the iPad in the enterprise: Some veteran players, such as running back Earnest Graham (in his eighth season) and center Jeff Faine (in his ninth), still prefer to jot … Continue reading →

Acer chairman expects iPad “fever” to die down

Aug. 24, ‘11: Clare Jim, reporting for Reuters: Taiwanese PC maker Acer Inc reported a worse-than-expected quarterly loss, the first in company history, as it took charges to reorganise in a troubled first half, and said it would be impossible to break even … Continue reading →

United Airlines buys 11,000 iPads for flight decks

Aug. 23, ‘11: Here’s United’s press release — another cool example of the iPad invading the enterprise. Beyond giving pilots access to new technology — and replacing about 38 pounds of paper books and charts in the cockpit — there’s also a side benefit … Continue reading →