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Should Microsoft do a tablet joint venture with HP?

Aug. 22, ‘11: From Matt Rosoff’s “SURPRISE! The Next 10 Crazy Tech News Stories We Just Might See” at Business Insider: Microsoft already recognized that it couldn’t compete in smartphones without a deep relationship with a hardware partner, and paid Nokia at least … Continue reading →

Apple could easily take 75% of the tablet market this year

Aug. 19, ‘11: The way things are going, Apple could sell 40 million iPads this year. It already sold 14 million in the first half of the year, and Christmas could be huge, unless the economy falls into the toilet. Between all the … Continue reading →

Holy cow, what a week!

Aug. 19, ‘11: Thanks to Google’s acquisition of Motorola and HP’s decision to get out of the PC and mobile industries, a lot has changed this week: Apple’s dominance of the tablet industry is even more secure. HP is out, and even if … Continue reading →

HP made the right moves: It’s no Apple, so it shouldn’t try to be

Aug. 18, ‘11: HP made several bold moves today, announcing plans to spin off its PC business and shut down its struggling phone and tablet unit. While these decisions are controversial, I believe they are the right ones. In all of these markets, … Continue reading →

Re-ranking the mobile industry

Aug. 18, ‘11: The companies that matter: Apple Google … There will be a third-place platform: Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, BlackBerry? Right now, it’s but a dream. Earlier: That was fast: HP is already getting out of the tablet and phone business

That was fast: HP is already getting out of the tablet and phone business

Aug. 18, ‘11: HP is planning to get out of the PC business — including tablets and phones. Here’s the relevant section from HP’s press release: HP will consider a broad range of options that may include, among others, a full or partial … Continue reading →

Amazingly, Microsoft might not miss the boat on tablets

Aug. 17, ‘11: Microsoft tablets based on Windows 8 won’t be ready until next year. Unexpectedly, that might not be too late to matter. Yes, Microsoft is still inexcusably tardy. Steve Ballmer first showed off that HP “slate” at CES in 2010 — … Continue reading →

Michael Dell: Windows 8 on tablets “pretty encouraging” in early going

Aug. 17, ‘11: Michael Dell, on Dell’s earnings call yesterday, via Seeking Alpha: We’re still quite interested in Android. I’ll also tell you that our early work on Windows 8 on the tablet side looks to be pretty encouraging. And so, we think … Continue reading →

Yikes: Nobody wants to buy the HP TouchPad

Aug. 16, ‘11: Arik Hesseldahl, reporting on the “Ouchpad” for All Things D: According to one source who’s seen internal HP reports, Best Buy has taken delivery of 270,000 TouchPads and has so far managed to sell only 25,000, or less than 10 … Continue reading →

Of course Google’s Android partners will keep using Android — they don’t have a choice

Aug. 16, ‘11: Now that Google is buying Motorola, there’s an idea out there that many of Google’s Android partners, like Samsung, HTC, and LG, will start moving away from Android and building more of their phones on rival operating systems. But that’s … Continue reading →