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The Great Apple Lull

Oct. 28, ‘13: Is excitement around Apple winding down? Or winding up? An infant could not have drawn it better: This is Apple’s last decade in one line. (No, it’s not the snake from The Little Prince eating a genetically modified elephant.) Technically, … Continue reading →

iOS 7: Beyond The Flatness

Jun. 11, ‘13: Yes, Apple’s new mobile operating system looks different. Now what? I actually like the way Apple’s new iOS 7 looks. I don’t immediately prefer it to what it’s replacing — the original iPhone OS was one of the most beautiful … Continue reading →

Welcome to the Jony Ive Era

Nov. 1, ‘12: Here’s a good look at what’s going on at Apple, by Bloomberg’s Peter Burrows and Adam Satariano, as industrial design genius Jony Ive broadens his duties. If you missed the announcement, Ive will now oversee “Human Interface” at Apple — including … Continue reading →

Tim Cook at D10

May. 30, ‘12: I was in the front row for Tim Cook’s interview at the D10 conference last night. It was long, and there seemed to be a little too much effort placed on prodding Tim about future Apple products, which everyone knows … Continue reading →

Apple’s ‘Boring’ Cash Plans Remind Us That Tim Cook Is Sane

Mar. 19, ‘12: Apple, which is sitting on more cash than many planets in our solar system, announced a significant dividend and share buyback program this morning. Specifically, Apple will start a $2.65 quarterly dividend ($10.60 per year) sometime after June, and a … Continue reading →

Tim Cook interview at the Goldman Sachs tech conference

Feb. 14, ‘12: I’m linking here to Apple’s investor relations site. Tim Cook is still speaking as I write this, and I assume there will be an audio replay of his interview up for a while. (Here’s a transcript by Jordan Golson for … Continue reading →

10 Things We Learned About Apple In 2011

Dec. 29, ‘11: Apple did have a succession plan — an obvious one. There were a lot of big Apple stories this year, but Steve Jobs’ retirement and death was the biggest. For years, especially around Jobs’ previous medical leave in 2009, there … Continue reading →

Will the tablet market really grow bigger than the PC market?

Oct. 19, ‘11: Apple CEO Tim Cook made an interesting prediction yesterday on the company’s earnings call: That the tablet market will eventually be larger than the PC market. Here’s what Tim said, via Seeking Alpha’s transcript: We thought… from the beginning of … Continue reading →

The new Apple: The best gadgets, but also the best prices

Sep. 6, ‘11: This isn’t a brand-new phenomenon, but it’s worth repeating and re-emphasizing: What makes Apple so successful today — and so threatening to its competitors — isn’t just its design and engineering capabilities. It’s the fact that Apple is beating its … Continue reading →

Apple: The next chapter

Aug. 29, ‘11: Tim Cook’s promotion to CEO comes at an interesting time for Apple. First, the company continues to refocus itself around iOS, its platform for the future. And second, it continues to grow at an amazing pace. These two factors create … Continue reading →