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5 New Tools I Love

Oct. 24, ‘13: It’s been a slow gadget year for me. For the first time in ages, I’ll end up spending less than $1,000 on Apple gear in 2013. Probably a retina iPad mini, and that’s it. Everything else still works great. But … Continue reading →

Is T-Mobile’s ‘Free’ International Data Roaming Worth Switching For?

Oct. 11, ‘13: It’s a great headline and a nice bonus. But as always, look at the fine print. Since T-Mobile’s U.S. exit plan was spoiled by the government, new CEO John Legere has promised loudly to anyone who will listen that he … Continue reading →

Data Roaming Report: Orange France

Oct. 7, ‘13: Carrier: Orange, which is France’s largest carrier. I originally purchased my SIM card this past February at Orange’s République store in Paris, which was easy enough — the combination of my French and their English got me set up quickly, … Continue reading →

Data Roaming Report: Virgin Mobile Canada

Jul. 17, ‘13: I’ve traveled extensively over the past 1.5 years with unlocked iPhones — first an Apple-unlocked 4S, and now a Verizon Wireless iPhone 5 — buying local prepaid SIM cards along the way. I’ve meant to start reporting my data roaming … Continue reading →

“Saturday. Eleven a.m. Awake to the sound of your significant other tapping away on his iPad. ‘Holy shit! Is there Wifi?’ you ask. ‘Yup!’ he responds, elated.”

Apr. 16, ‘13: — Vanity Fair’s “What Actually Happens During ’36 Hours in. . .’ a Foreign Country” (Via Damon Darlin.)

American Airlines’ New Award Flights Map

Mar. 20, ‘13: We’ve seen flight-booking maps before, but this one lets you see where you can afford to fly for “free” on American Airlines frequent-flier miles. Type in your departure and return dates, where you want to go — Europe, Hawaii, Beach, … Continue reading →

Pigs Fly! The U.S. Is Kicking Europe’s Butt At Mobile

Mar. 5, ‘13: For the past week, I’ve been researching in Paris, where the streets are filled with beautiful people, the cheese is everything, and the mobile Internet is slow. Or, at least, slower than what I’ve gotten used to in the States, … Continue reading →

Book Report: Lufthansa + Graphic Design

Jan. 21, ‘13: American Airlines unveiled a new look last week, throwing out its decades-old, iconic branding for a modern feel. So it was timely and interesting to read this week about Germany’s Lufthansa, which also adopted a minimalist, Helvetica-based look in the … Continue reading →

Thinking Positive About American Airlines’ New Look

Jan. 17, ‘13: Part of me just died. I flew about 75,000 miles on American Airlines planes last year, my first flight ever was aboard an American DC-10, and I’ll always love the old Helvetica logo and minimalist livery. (Second only to the … Continue reading →

Brace Yourselves For American Airlines’ Imminent Rebranding

Jan. 16, ‘13: In a recent New York Magazine, Paul Ford writes about “crowdsmashing” — the newish phenomenon in which people revolt online when companies crap up their branding. His examples include the “Gap Logo Debacle of 2010″ and the University of California’s recent logo … Continue reading →