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How Google Maps Saved My Tokyo Trip, Exhibit A

Dec. 20, ‘12: Not to pile on a week later, but the difference in information between Apple Maps (left) and Google Maps (right) isn’t even funny. Even more useful than this simple (built-in) subway map overlay: Search actually finds the place you want … Continue reading →

Announcing City Notes, A New Mobile Travel Startup By… Me!

Dec. 12, ‘12: Short version: I just launched a new company, City Notes, which I’ve been working on for several months. We are making what we hope will be the best and most interesting travel guides for iPhones and iPads. Our first iPhone … Continue reading →

Before you freak out about in-air cellphone service, check out the pricing

Oct. 8, ‘12: At All Things D, Ina Fried notes that Emirates is the latest airline to support OnAir‘s in-air mobile phone service: Whether customers see the service as a benefit probably depends on whether they are one of the executives yammering on … Continue reading →

Visiting Korea’s ‘SimCity’

Aug. 1, ‘12: I spent a week in South Korea earlier this year, researching Songdo, a city being built from scratch on reclaimed land that was once the Yellow Sea. (That’s “Central Park” above.) It’s a fascinating story of urban planning, technology, and … Continue reading →


Jul. 31, ‘12: A great new site for travel industry news and analysis from paidContent founder Rafat Ali and former Frommers.com editor Jason Clampet. As I unfollow more echo-chamber tech blogs, I’m looking for more sites like Skift. More context from Peter Kafka … Continue reading →

Virgin America reports $49 million Q1 operating loss on $267 million sales

Jul. 5, ‘12: Virgin America’s focus on customer service and its in-flight amenities — popular with the tech set — haven’t yet translated into profits, as it continues to grow. The privately held company recently reported select Q1 financial results, with CEO David Cush noting … Continue reading →

Notes From The West Coast

Jun. 19, ‘12: I spent last week at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. Everything beyond the keynote was under NDA, so I can’t tell you about it. And this week, I’m on vacation in Portland and Vancouver, so I won’t be … Continue reading →

Flying the 787 ‘Dreamliner’: My first $200-million-gadget review

May. 7, ‘12: I flew Boeing’s new 787 to Japan last week — one of its first commercial flights from the U.S. Here’s my review, including some photos. In short: It’s still flying. But it’s nice and new and exciting, and the big, … Continue reading →

SplatF In Seoul

May. 1, ‘12: I’m in Seoul and Incheon, Korea, this week, on assignment for ReadWriteWeb. So, as you’ve noticed, posting will be limited. (And next week, when I’ll be in Tokyo.) I might have some free time this Friday in Seoul, so if … Continue reading →

Around the world with an unlocked iPhone

May. 1, ‘12: I’ve been traveling this year with an unlocked iPhone 4S, buying local SIM cards as I go. For the most part, it’s been great — it has made overseas business travel, in particular, much more efficient. Later this summer, I’ll … Continue reading →