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Here’s the trouble with “Apps as TV channels”

Nov. 1, ‘11: One of Apple’s big opportunities to reinvent TV is to change how shows are distributed. So far, it has had modest success with iTunes TV downloads, but little beyond that: iTunes TV “rentals” never took off, and Apple seems to … Continue reading →

Google updates Google TV but punts on the real question

Oct. 28, ‘11: Google announced a new interface and new features for Google TV today, including the ability to run Android apps from Android Market. That’s fine and good, and early Google TV adopters may appreciate these changes. But the real question — … Continue reading →

Here’s why Apple’s TV needs to be an actual television, and not just a cheap add-on box

Oct. 27, ‘11: One of the most frequently asked (and smartest) questions about the supposedly forthcoming Apple television is: Why does it need to be an actual TV set? Why can’t it just be an accessory like today’s $99 Apple TV thing? That … Continue reading →

Here’s how Apple could finally put the “TV” in Apple TV

Oct. 24, ‘11: After reinventing the mobile phone (iPhone) and personal computer (iPad), it makes sense for Apple to eventually apply its magic to the living room. The company has been clear to distance itself a bit from the existing Apple TV box … Continue reading →

Matt Mullenweg on what’s next for Apple

Oct. 12, ‘11: Some good ideas from the founder of WordPress. I’m especially interested in what Apple has planned for the living room. As Matt notes: My TV takes 5-10 seconds longer to turn on than my iPad. “Smart TVs” look like “smart … Continue reading →

The future of television

Oct. 3, ‘11: My latest special report for Business Insider is up, this one focusing on the future of television. My favorite part is this video interview that BI’s Glynnis MacNicol did with Glenn Beck. (I helped produce.) Beck is at the forefront … Continue reading →

Netflix adds more streaming content from Discovery, TLC, and Animal Planet

Sep. 21, ‘11: A 2-year, non-exclusive deal. Not a huge addition, but worth noting, particularly as Netflix looks to expand its streaming TV show library. Related: 10 things to remember about Netflix while scratching your head about Qwikster

Netflix: More subscribers than any cable company, growing the fastest, but still not Starz’ best friend

Sep. 2, ‘11: One of the reasons that Netflix and Starz couldn’t reach an agreement over extending their relationship is because Starz reportedly wanted Netflix to charge its subscribers more to access Starz content — via a premium tier — the way Starz’ … Continue reading →

Starz dumps Netflix… maybe

Sep. 1, ‘11: Starz just put out a statement saying that it “has ended contract renewal negotiations” with Netflix and will stop distributing its content — TV shows and movies — on the service at the end of February, 2012. Netflix shares are down … Continue reading →

MobiTV’s IPO filing: Not the mobile TV bet I’d make

Sep. 1, ‘11: MobiTV, one of the mobile video pioneers, recently filed for an IPO. It’s not a lovely picture. Three customers — Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile — represent the “substantial majority” of its business. Sprint, in particular, is more than half of … Continue reading →