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The Real Beauty Of Twitter’s New Profile Page

Apr. 9, ‘14: Twitter’s new profile page — more photos, featuring your best tweets, etc. — isn’t really about copying Facebook or making a simple service more cumbersome. Rather, it seems to be about establishing your Twitter page as your main profile page … Continue reading →

I’d Pay For: Twitter Blog Comments

Feb. 5, ‘14: I’ve gone back and forth on Comments here on SplatF. On one hand, it’s idiotic to ignore the fact that there’s a community around the site, with interesting — often dissenting — voices that make good complements to my posts. … Continue reading →

Long Live The #Shortread

Jan. 6, ‘14: Among its other accomplishments in 2013, Twitter ate this site. But now I’m taking it back. What I mean by that: Last year, when I had a fun or interesting thought, I almost always just tweeted about it and moved … Continue reading →

The Best Part Of Twitter’s New Design Is That It’s Experimenting In Public

Oct. 31, ‘13: Love or hate Twitter’s new design features — I like the in-line photo and video previews, but the reply/fav/retweet icons under every tweet feel a little too noisy — they say one great thing about Twitter: That it’s not afraid … Continue reading →

“Hatching Twitter: A true story of money, power, friendship, and betrayal.”

Jul. 23, ‘13: — I’m looking forward to reading Nick Bilton’s Twitter book this fall.

“The Veronica Mars and Zach Braff projects have brought tens of thousands of new people to Kickstarter. 63% of those people had never backed a project before. Thousands of them have since gone on to back other projects, with more than $400,000 pledged to 2,200 projects so far.”

May. 9, ‘13: — Kickstarter’s recent success with Hollywood celebrities reminds me of Twitter’s four years ago. Although I wonder how many of Ashton Kutcher’s first million Twitter followers are still active users today.

“Today we’re announcing a few improvements to Twitter for Mac…”

Apr. 25, ‘13: — 1) Pigs fly! 2) Thank you, Twitter. 3) This is smart. My Twitter for Mac is open for 12+ hours a day. There’s no way I’m alone. Why destroy that?

‘Twitter Is My Co-Pilot’

Apr. 3, ‘13: LinkedIn asked me to write a post about my most important, must-have business tool for its “Things I Carry” series. I wrote about Twitter, which I am probably unhealthily addicted to. This stuff might seem obvious to the regular SplatF … Continue reading →

7 Things That Could Have Killed Twitter, But Didn’t

Mar. 21, ‘13: Looking back on Twitter’s seventh birthday. Twitter is observing its seventh birthday today — that is, it’s been 7 years since Jack Dorsey’s stirring “just setting up my twttr” tweet. In Twitter’s celebratory blog post, it says it now has … Continue reading →

Twitter Stands Alone

Nov. 7, ‘12: In case you missed it, the United States elected a president yesterday. I try to stay away from politics — it’s only fun in Chicago, anyway — but last night, I anxiously tuned in. Election night television, it seems, hasn’t … Continue reading →