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Every Twitter Client Should Cost $20!

Oct. 18, ‘12: Tweetbot for Mac launched today, and its $20 price tag is getting a strong reaction. Some people are turned off, a bunch of people are standing up for it, others are just confused. (The Tweetbot guys explain why it costs … Continue reading →

Twitter is giving the “Sign In With Facebook” team a lot to be happy about right now…

Aug. 23, ‘12: First Instagram, now Tumblr gets the boot, as Twitter focuses more on getting people to build stuff into Twitter and less on letting people extract stuff out of it. Solid analysis here by Dustin Curtis. But, it is interesting that … Continue reading →

Twitter drops its T-bomb on developers

Aug. 16, ‘12: I’ve posted my reaction on ReadWriteWeb. The gist is similar to my “Understanding Twitter” post from last month. In short: Twitter needs to create a billion-dollar ad biz, ASAP, or all bets are off.

NYT: Apple considers investing hundreds of millions in Twitter

Jul. 27, ‘12: Evelyn Rusli and Nick Bilton for the New York Times: Apple has considered an investment in the hundreds of millions of dollars, one that could value Twitter at more than $10 billion, up from an $8.4 billion valuation last year, … Continue reading →


Jul. 26, ‘12: Facebook’s Instagram deal hasn’t even closed yet, but things are already getting weird with Twitter. There’s now no “find your Twitter friends on Instagram” feature; Twitter has apparently cut off Instagram’s access to that API. Supposedly because Instagram — now … Continue reading →

And the most popular Twitter app is…

Jul. 24, ‘12: Discussing the Twitter-app-developer-fiasco a couple of weeks ago on John Gruber’s “Talk Show”, I mentioned how we were missing a key set of data: What apps do people use to tweet most often? Benjamin Mayo did the legwork, analyzing 1 million … Continue reading →

This guy wants to build a new, better Twitter

Jul. 13, ‘12: “This guy” is Dalton Caldwell, former CEO of streaming music service Imeem, the guy who built Picplz that got leapfrogged by Instagram, and now founder of App.net. Dalton is the guy who wrote the post about the Twitter could have … Continue reading →

Understanding Twitter

Jul. 2, ‘12: Hooray! The semi-annual Twitter Openness Shitstorm(tm) is upon us again. This time apparently sparked by Twitter’s move to stop syndicating tweets to LinkedIn, this developer blog post by Twitter’s newish product lead Michael Sippey, and the incredible amplifying effect Twitter (the … Continue reading →

The majority of Twitter’s revenue now comes from mobile

Jun. 28, ‘12: Shira Ovide for the WSJ: On most days, Twitter is now generating the majority of its revenue from ads shown to its users on mobile gadgets, rather than from ads on Twitter.com, company executives said. Meanwhile, from Facebook’s IPO filing: … Continue reading →

You Suck At Retweeting

May. 23, ‘12: Twitter is a magical place and I am routinely amazed by the funny, smart, and grotesque things I’m exposed to on a daily basis. Many of you have gotten really good at tweeting, in terms of content, velocity, style, humor, … Continue reading →