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Twitter, the patent anti-troll

Apr. 17, ‘12: Twitter VP of Engineering Adam Messinger announces the new “Innovator’s Patent Agreement”: The IPA is a new way to do patent assignment that keeps control in the hands of engineers and designers. It is a commitment from Twitter to our employees … Continue reading →

Twitter buys Posterous

Mar. 12, ‘12: Here’s Twitter’s blog post on the deal, and Posterous’s post, too. This appears to be primarily a talent acquisition (“acq-hire”) and maybe — to a lesser extent — a technology acquisition, versus an audience or market share acquisition. Both posts … Continue reading →

Will Leitch: ‘Twitter Is Driving Everybody Insane (Especially Darren Rovell)’

Feb. 16, ‘12: Fun read at Deadspin from December. (Via Peter Kafka.) Twitter is so much fun, right? It’s easier, it’s quicker, it’s Just Twitter. I love it. You love it. It’s how we communicate now. But let’s not pretend: It’s batshit that we do … Continue reading →

Apple’s Twitter

Feb. 15, ‘12: Speaking of Apple-owned social networks, here’s an interesting post on the topic by Anil Dash last May. [I]n short, the hardest, most expensive technical part of building a web-scale Twitter competitor already exists in Apple’s infrastructure. What’s missing, in an … Continue reading →

Tweetbot rides the NewNewTwitter wave

Dec. 13, ‘11: For a strong take on what people don’t like about the new Twitter iPhone app, read John Gruber’s article, “R.I.P. Tweetie.” And then, you might want to check out Tweetbot, which seems to be the unofficial-Twitter-app-of-choice on the iPhone these … Continue reading →

The new, new Twitter: 10 big takeaways

Dec. 8, ‘11: Twitter launched a major new version of its service today with many components: A significant redesign; a more common user experience between Twitter-the-website and its various apps; more features for brands; and new versions of TweetDeck for the web, Mac, … Continue reading →

Path and Instagram are making Facebook look incredibly uninventive at mobile

Nov. 30, ‘11: As the “mobile Internet” becomes the Internet, one big question about Facebook is: Will it remain the dominant mobile social network, or will it be replaced by a mobile-first or mobile-only social network? Size is on Facebook’s side. The company … Continue reading →

What the cable industry could learn from Twitter

Nov. 22, ‘11: Something awesome happened last weekend: I downloaded an iPhone app — BTN2Go from the Big Ten Network — logged in with my Time Warner Cable credentials, and a few seconds later, was streaming a live football game on my phone. … Continue reading →

3 random, meaningless stats, because I love you

Nov. 16, ‘11: 55.5 million people “Like” Facebook on Facebook, or about one for every 14.5 of its 800+ million users. @Twitter has 6.8 million followers on Twitter and has tweeted 1,222 times. Google has “About 12,240,000,000 results” for “google”. (Bonus: If you … Continue reading →

Apple’s huge week was big for Twitter and Facebook, too

Oct. 17, ‘11: Last week was huge for Apple: It sold 4 million of the new iPhone 4S, and more than 25 million people are already using iOS 5. It was also a big week for Twitter and Facebook, according to iPhone App … Continue reading →