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Wait, wasn’t Twitter supposed to be dead by now?

Sep. 9, ‘11: Twitter announced yesterday that it has reached 100 million active users, with 50 million active each day. But… “Is Pownce the Twitter or Jaiku Killer?” (Jul. 2007) “Is Plurk the Twitter killer?” (Jun. 2008) “Will Google use Jaiku to kill Twitter?” … Continue reading →

Twitter sets a new record: 8,868 tweets per second

Aug. 29, ‘11: Twitter PR: Last night at 10:35pm ET, Beyonce’s big MTV #VMA moment gave Twitter a record bump: 8,868 Tweets per second. The good news for MTV is that its awards show can still draw an audience: A record 12.4 million viewers, via … Continue reading →

Twitter improves photo sharing again with user photo galleries

Aug. 22, ‘11: Twitter now aggregates all of the photos you’ve shared across a bunch of different image hosts — including Twitter’s own photo service, Instagram, Twitpic, and Yfrog — into a single gallery on your profile page. Overall, pretty neat and useful. … Continue reading →

Finally, Twitter is building stuff again

Aug. 11, ‘11: The other thing I missed yesterday was Twitter’s soft launch of new activity streams. I haven’t had a chance to try them out yet, but they look interesting. This feature made Facebook a lot more addictive, and I’ve found it … Continue reading →

NYT Twitter account followers add up to 16 times the circulation of the paper

Aug. 8, ‘11: Jim Maiella: Bill Keller’s gone-but-cosmically-cached Twitter rant is even more surprising when you consider that The New York Times is arguably the most active media outlet in the world on the platform, and you don’t have to take my word for it. … Continue reading →

Twitter buys Bagcheck: The start of a Twitter commerce play?

Aug. 8, ‘11: Bagcheck is a site I wish I’d come up with in college when I was selling camping gear: A place where people curate and share all the gear they own and use, for backpacking, cooking, sports, tech stuff, whatever. It’s … Continue reading →

Food Network’s Alton Brown: Why I left Twitter

Aug. 5, ‘11: Food Network host Alton Brown, who seemed to be having a ball on Twitter just a few weeks ago and has since vanished: I didn’t leave Twitter because my wife started tweeting. I left Twitter because a parasitic troll fraudulently … Continue reading →

Google+ is the fastest website to reach 25 million users

Aug. 3, ‘11: And it’s growing at around 1 million users per day, Reuters’ Alistair Barr reports. In contrast, it took Facebook about three years to attract 25 million visitors, while Twitter took just over 30 months, according to comScore. Perhaps, but Google+ … Continue reading →

The only thing that matters about Twitter’s new ad product is that it exists

Jul. 28, ‘11: Twitter has been planning in-stream ads for how long? — more than a year? — and they’re finally here. And that’s what counts. As the old Apple adage goes, real artists ship. Twitter, under the leadership of CEO Dick Costolo and Chairman … Continue reading →

Twitter’s in-stream ads are launching today

Jul. 28, ‘11: Peter Kafka has the details at All Things D. Important points on the launch: You’ll only see “promoted tweets” from companies/brands you already follow You’ll only see them on Twitter’s web site, not in apps like Twitter for iPhone or … Continue reading →