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Thinking About A Post-‘House Of Cards’ Netflix World

Feb. 25, ‘13: Netflix’s new “House of Cards” series — almost halfway in — is worth watching, and could prove to be an important — or at least memorable — point in television history. It’s better than it needs to be. It’s certainly … Continue reading →

Smell Test! Are 23% Of Netflix Subscribers Really Cord Cutters?

Feb. 19, ‘13: Peter Kafka tweets: “10% of Netflix’ 33mm subs have watched 6 eps of house of cards, and 23% are cord cutters? Both seem too high” This is based on a TechCrunch article by Ryan Lawler, citing a survey by Cowen … Continue reading →

Watch this: The Verge’s Tesla Model S video review

Feb. 13, ‘13: Easily one of the best-produced video packages I’ve seen online, and better than most of the stuff on TV — on, I assume, a fraction of the budget. Really, really impressive. Related: ‘Rise Of The Tech Bandits’

‘It’s official: 3D is dead’

Jan. 9, ‘13: Good news at CES, via The Verge’s Vlad Savov: There’s something about 2013′s Consumer Electronics Show that’s different from every other iteration this decade. You might not realize it immediately, for it’s marked by the absence rather than the arrival … Continue reading →

What Does Roku’s New Time Warner Cable App Mean For The Apple TV?

Jan. 8, ‘13: Maybe a little. The news: Roku and Time Warner Cable — the second-largest U.S. cable provider — announced yesterday that TWC subscribers will be able to use Roku video-streaming gadgets as set-top boxes, featuring up to 300 channels. (PDF release.) … Continue reading →

And Now Let’s Take A Moment To Appreciate Hulu CEO Jason Kilar

Jan. 4, ‘13: On the eve of CES, Hulu CEO Jason Kilar announced his retirement today. Peter Kafka has a good take here, and Kilar’s note to his staff includes a number of stats worth being proud of. But in this case, the stats … Continue reading →

Two questions about YouTube ‘Channels’

Nov. 12, ‘12: Peter Kafka reports that Google will start renewing some production deals/investments for its YouTube “channels”… But not all of them: YouTube figures it will end up re-investing in up to 40 percent of its original channels by the time the … Continue reading →

Boxee TV, $15/month ‘unlimited’ DVR for network shows

Oct. 16, ‘12: The latest gadget from Boxee, following up to its Boxee Box, which was a modest success. Solid, pretty coverage at the Verge. Hard to see this becoming a big, mainstream hit. The set of people who only want to record … Continue reading →

Visiting Korea’s ‘SimCity’

Aug. 1, ‘12: I spent a week in South Korea earlier this year, researching Songdo, a city being built from scratch on reclaimed land that was once the Yellow Sea. (That’s “Central Park” above.) It’s a fascinating story of urban planning, technology, and … Continue reading →


Jul. 19, ‘12: Cool new free iPhone app that takes video you record and edits it together with video shot simultaneously by people nearby — even strangers. The result is a neat clip that switches between multiple camera angles, all in sync. Could … Continue reading →