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Roku sold 1.5 million boxes last year, 25% below expectations

Jan. 4, ‘12: Roku reached 2.5 million total streaming boxes sold last year, USA Today’s Jefferson Graham reports, which was behind its estimate of 3 million, according to GigaOM’s Janko Roettgers. After passing 1 million boxes sold early last January, that suggests about 1.5 million … Continue reading →

Just how successful is Louis C.K.’s indie video experiment?

Dec. 16, ‘11: I’ll admit it: When Louis C.K. announced that he had sold 110,000 copies of his comedy special from his website in 3.5 days, I was a little disappointed. Sure, $500,000 in sales and a $200,000 profit is nothing to be … Continue reading →

Louis C.K.’s big video experiment: $500k in sales, $200k in profits, and counting

Dec. 13, ‘11: Comedian Louis C.K. just published a lengthy, detailed post about how his bold experiment in self-distributing his own comedy special is going. Quick answer: So far, so good. As of Today, we’ve sold over 110,000 copies for a total of … Continue reading →

People! Let’s be realistic about this cord-cutting stuff

Nov. 16, ‘11: This is Brian Roberts, CEO and Chairman of Comcast, the nation’s largest cable company. And he is smiling because the efforts to topple his industry, so far, are not progressing very well. (Well, actually, he’s probably smiling because photographer Tim Shaffer told … Continue reading →

Creators: Adam Lisagor

Nov. 4, ‘11: Adam Lisagor is founder of Sandwich Video, a video production shop in Los Angeles. He’s made product demos for companies like Airbnb, Jawbone, Square, and Groupon. You may also recognize him from Twitter, where he’s @lonelysandwich, his blog, or the … Continue reading →

Snapshot of our time: Sirius XM has 85 times more subscribers than Spotify

Nov. 4, ‘11: Starting now, I’ll be collecting and maintaining a master list of subscription-based media services, and tracking their growing and shrinking popularity. Here’s the first edition, which I’ve assembled from earnings releases, SEC filings, press reports, blog posts, and a few … Continue reading →

Here’s the trouble with “Apps as TV channels”

Nov. 1, ‘11: One of Apple’s big opportunities to reinvent TV is to change how shows are distributed. So far, it has had modest success with iTunes TV downloads, but little beyond that: iTunes TV “rentals” never took off, and Apple seems to … Continue reading →

Reality check: DVD and Blu-ray are still clobbering iTunes and Netflix

Oct. 31, ‘11: While we breathlessly debate Apple’s potential to reshape the TV landscape or Netflix’s communication gaffes, it’s a little jarring to be reminded that digital is still barely one-fifth of the U.S. home entertainment market, while physical media still represents the vast … Continue reading →

Google updates Google TV but punts on the real question

Oct. 28, ‘11: Google announced a new interface and new features for Google TV today, including the ability to run Android apps from Android Market. That’s fine and good, and early Google TV adopters may appreciate these changes. But the real question — … Continue reading →

Here’s why Apple’s TV needs to be an actual television, and not just a cheap add-on box

Oct. 27, ‘11: One of the most frequently asked (and smartest) questions about the supposedly forthcoming Apple television is: Why does it need to be an actual TV set? Why can’t it just be an accessory like today’s $99 Apple TV thing? That … Continue reading →