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Netflix: 10 years in 3 charts

Oct. 25, ‘11: Netflix’s subscriber loss last quarter was so rare that it had only happened once before during its span as a public company. Netflix IPO’d in May 2002, steadily gaining subscribers every quarter until Q2 2007, when it lost 55,000, finishing … Continue reading →

Netflix’s plan to kill the DVD is working

Oct. 24, ‘11: Things are unquestionably messy for Netflix right now. It is losing subscribers. It is still in clean-up mode after a PR disaster. Its stock price is getting hammered. Is is making an expensive bet to grow overseas. But despite all … Continue reading →

Netflix loses 800k subscribers and another 20% in stock price

Oct. 24, ‘11: Netflix’s nightmare Q3 is in the books. And shares are getting hammered after-hours — down more than 20% — as the company says it expects to lose more U.S. streaming subscribers next quarter because of its price increases and DVD split-up. … Continue reading →

Here’s how Apple could finally put the “TV” in Apple TV

Oct. 24, ‘11: After reinventing the mobile phone (iPhone) and personal computer (iPad), it makes sense for Apple to eventually apply its magic to the living room. The company has been clear to distance itself a bit from the existing Apple TV box … Continue reading →

Creators: Zach Zamboni

Oct. 24, ‘11: Sponsored by Best Buy. Start Creating Now. Zach Zamboni is an Emmy award-winning cinematographer for my favorite show: “Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations” on Travel Channel. Follow him on Twitter at @zachzamboni. 1) What have you been making lately? Wrapped a new … Continue reading →

Matt Mullenweg on what’s next for Apple

Oct. 12, ‘11: Some good ideas from the founder of WordPress. I’m especially interested in what Apple has planned for the living room. As Matt notes: My TV takes 5-10 seconds longer to turn on than my iPad. “Smart TVs” look like “smart … Continue reading →

Qwikster or not, Netflix still needs a plan to kill the DVD

Oct. 10, ‘11: Netflix has ended its plans to separate its DVD business under the “Qwikster” name. CEO Reed Hastings writes on Netflix’s blog: It is clear that for many of our members two websites would make things more difficult, so we are going … Continue reading →

The future of television

Oct. 3, ‘11: My latest special report for Business Insider is up, this one focusing on the future of television. My favorite part is this video interview that BI’s Glynnis MacNicol did with Glenn Beck. (I helped produce.) Beck is at the forefront … Continue reading →

SplatF Employee of the Month: Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix

Sep. 30, ‘11: The last day of every month, we honor an industry leader with the prestigious SplatF Employee of the Month award. This month it’s Netflix CEO and founder Reed Hastings. Most leaders are too stubborn or scared to make drastic changes in order … Continue reading →

Netflix outbids HBO for DreamWorks deal

Sep. 26, ‘11: Netflix’s biggest real problem right now is that its streaming library isn’t as good as it needs to be, especially if it’s expecting to wean its customers off DVDs. The latest upgrade: Starting in 2013, Netflix will have access to … Continue reading →